Blackwell Aviation
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Welcome to Blackwell Aviation.

Blackwell Aviation is a full service corporate aircraft management, charter, & maintenance operator based in the Midwest.
We provide a full range of aviation related services to our customers and clients, including aircraft charter, air ambulance,
air freight, flight training, aircraft rental, aerial photography & pleasure flights.


Cessna Citation XLS



    Performance  Citation XLS
Single Pilot Certified
Maximum Cruise Speed
Certified Ceiling
Airport Performance
Take off Distance
Landing Distance
Rate of Climb at Sea Level


441 ktas (817 km/h)
45,000 ft (13,716 m)

3,560 ft (1,085 m)
3,180 ft (969 m)
3,500 fpm (1,067 mpm)
1,858 nm (3,441 km


    Dennis A. Walters, Chief Pilot

Dennis has over 14,000 hours of accident free flying, 9000+ in turbine aircraft of which 6000 hours are in jets.
We are presently flying charter for Carver Aero of Davenport in addition to our corporate pilot duties.
We maintain our knowledge and skills through annual recurrent training with Flight Safety International and periodic
check rides with the FAA.


      Shawn M. Docherty, Pilot 

Shawn has over 5000 hours of flight time, 4000 hours of turbine time of which 1000 hours is in jets.
He is presently flying a Cessna Citation XLS out of the Quad Cities Airport and does recurrent training
through Flight Safety in Wichita, KS.